Content Marketing Trends That Will Make an Impact

With nine out of ten B2B marketers using content as part of their marketing strategy, it’s now undeniable that content marketing is not a trend, but a subset of marketing that’s here to stay. 

With artificial intelligence, virtual reality and constantly changing SEO, it’s hard to determine where your focus as a content marketer should lie.

Speaker and author, Heidi Cohen believes the focus, no matter what, should be the wants and needs of your audience. Here’s one of her top tips:

Provide a welcome series. Don’t let your enthusiasm for qualified leads get in the way of developing relationships with new subscribers. Give readers space to get accustomed to your communications.

Another trend to consider when planning your 2018 content marketing strategy is that reach on social is down. Use this as an opportunity to expand the ways in which you’re communicating with your audience.

Cohen suggests focusing 40 percent of your marketing budget on content and focusing on existing high-performing content to yield better results. 

For more on which content marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2018 and how to leverage them to your advantage, check out Heidi Cohen’s complete article below.

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