Content Marketing Quantity vs. Quality

Lee Odden does an excellent job of diving into the details which separate a content marketing strategy that focuses on the quantity of content, from a strategy that targets the customer’s experience. A “more content” strategy tends to be focused on improving SEO, hopefully leading to increased site traffic and sales. A strategy focused on provides quality content for target customers aims to provide value and guide them through the sales cycle. Which one’s more effective? 

I would argue that investing in a quantity of content for search and not a customer-focused experience, can be costly for companies. The content might “rank” in search, but how does it contribute to the buyer experience? 

Providing quality content, not just quantity, resonates better with readers, provides more value and establishes a higher quality of brand awareness. Giving potential buyers valuable content can help develop trust in your brand. Optimize content for the consumer experience to increase the quality of your leads. 

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