Content Marketing Misconceptions- Debunked

According to our recent research, 2/3rds of companies have experienced an increase in lead quality & quantity as a result of content marketing. While this is certainly an impressive statistic, many people still have various misconceptions about the practice. In this article, Sandra Stewart busts six different myths about content marketing. One myth? “It’s easy! We’ll just pull stuff out of our brains.” Stewart explains why this is untrue:

Reality: Brain extraction is a painful process that often results in a mess

When we imagine that we will simply sit down (or, more typically, someone else will sit down) with the intent to create, and then meaningful and readable content will come pouring out, we are kidding ourselves.”

Read the rest of this article to see five more myths disproved, and learn strategies that will work with these newfound realities. For more content marketing strategy techniques, download our free eBook 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment. 

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