Content Marketing Meal Plan

Jason Miller shares well-balanced blog advice with us on LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions blog, using my favorite analogy – food. Jason’s infographic goes over the main blogging food groups: grains, vegetables, meat, etc. 

Whole What & Grains: Hearty and filling, you can quickly dish out this basic content daily. How-to posts; Sharing influencer/third-party posts; Useful, relevant topics for marketers; Repurposing old content. 

The infographic continues on with desserts (easily digestible pieces, videos, graphics) and condiments (strong opinions and helpful links) as well. I would highly suggest following the guidelines provided in this post. Producing information packed, heavier content on a consistent basis AND mixing in case studies (vegetables in this case), curated content and opinion pieces is a great tactic. This creates diversity within your publishing strategy. Variety means value for readers who want strategic information as well as digestible content that’s easy to share and comprehend. 

Make sure you check out the full infographic!

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