Content Marketing Leads to 291% Increase in Social Referral Traffic

A recent case study by Marketing Sherpa discovers that IBM is finding success with content marketing. The launch of their new dynamic website, the Big Data and Analytics Hub, is driving brand awareness and social engagement amongst their audience. 

While the Big Data & Analytics Hub is an ongoing project, from January 2013 to January 2014 the site experienced: 

  • 291% increase in social referral traffic
  • 151% increase in organic search
  • 269% increase in average time spent on the website

IBM was able to build a successful content marketing strategy by focusing not on what they wanted to tell their customers, but what their customers wanted to hear. Content must always be created with your audience in mind, otherwise it will lack relevance and reduce engagement – even if it is high quality. 

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  • cat mario online

    Hey Thanks.

    Yes the bounce rate did increase.

    A bounce in Google analytics is basically a person who saw a single page on
    your site unless you spec it otherwise.

    People view 1 page on your site for one of these 2 reasons:

    1- they didn’t like what they saw and left.

    2- they found exactly what they needed and they left.

    In this case, the bounce rate didn’t increase as a direct result of the
    redesign. It did increase as a result of the increase in popularity of the

    As you can see, the page is now getting a LOT more traffic from social and

    Most of these visitors search for something/find something interesting,
    click through and leave after they found what they wanted to find/read about.

    If our rankings went down and the page stopped being shared again and again
    our bounce rate would almost certainly go down but honestly we’re better off
    with the traffic ;).

    Hope that makes sense.

    catmario online