Content Marketing & Lead Generation: The Perfect Pair

For B2B marketers, lead generation and content marketing go hand-in-hand. In order to enhance relationships and influence buyers, marketers must incorporate content marketing into their strategy. David Dodd analyzed the latest annual content marketing survey as well as Demand Metric’s lead generation survey to see what tactics highly-effective marketing companies were using. His findings showed that these companies are more likely to:

  • Have a documented content marketing strategy
  • Have someone with specific responsibility for overseeing and managing the content marketing program
  • Devote sufficient financial resources to their content marketing program”

Although companies of all sizes might be using the same lead generation techniques (e.g., emails, tradeshows, and content marketing), the results differ because of the attributes listed above. To learn more about what makes an effective content marketing strategy, check out our 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner.

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