Content Marketing: Funnel Leads and Curation Usage Poll Results

On September 12th, we conducted a webinar where Pawan Deshpande, CEO of Curata and Joe Chernov, VP of Content at Eloqua co-presented on Content Marketing: From Creation to Curation. During the webinar, we conducted two polls to engage the audience and get their perspective.  Joe discussed how to use content to speak to leads at each level of the funnel – suspect, prospect lead and opportunity and provided tips on what types of content should be used at each stage. We polled the audience to find out where they are currently using content in the funnel.

We found out that content is mostly optimized by businesses in the beginning of the funnel. However, its relevance can permeate all stages of conversion. Results showed that a whopping 73% of businesses take advantage of content during the prospect stage of the funnel. However, only 41% of them optimize content all the way through to the final stage. These statistics bring with them an inherent opportunity. The longstanding approach has been to generate leads through content but once they get close to converting, we forget that content can be a useful tool. That 41% will surely see a spike sooner than we think.

Prior to discussing curation, Pawan polled the audience to determine how intergrated content curation is within the audience’s content marketing strategies.

We were pleased that a solid 37% of people said that they were in fact currently using content strategy marketing. 42% of our audience polled that they did not currently use content marketing and 21% responded with “Maybe” when posed the question. At Curata, we see this as an opportunity to better educate our audience in the benefits of optimizing content… and their first step was attending the webinar

To view the webinar and download the slides >>

If curation isn’t currently part of your strategy, we offer a variety of resources to provide you the tools, we recommend the How to Become a Content Curation Rockstar as a great place to start. OR sign up for a demo of Curata and learn how to feed your content need.