Content Marketing Cooperation

Functions needed in a successful content strategy aren’t always in agreement. Neglecting to coordinate marketing with sales, changing keywords too frequently and egocentric content are all prime examples. As Julie Ogilvie puts it,

The root of many conflicts is that participants hold such fundamentally different views that they can’t even agree on basic facts. What I’m hearing from our clients these days is that this is often the case in the world of content marketing. Unless there is a map of the process and an agreement on what is expected of all parties, neighboring functions are in a constant state of turmoil.

Julie brings about many of the key pains in the world of content. The good news is that this means there’s a lot of opportunity for improvement. Product-centric marketing, or egocentric marketing, can be cured through the use of content curation. Including diverse insights and opinions from other credible third-party sources provides variety for readers.

Your content has to address the needs of your customers, and who knows your customers and potential buyers better than your sales team? Collaborating more closely with sales and developing sales-focused assets with their influence can create a deeper alignment within your organization – and more effective content. 

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