Content Marketers, Me! Me! Me! is Unacceptable Behavior

Heidi Cohen, an influential marketing expert, tells us to stop egocentric content marketing. In her detailed overview of each of the different types of social media content we should be using, she reiterates the importance of content curation:

For social media content distribution, curated content is a necessity because shouting: Me! Me! Me! is unacceptable behavior. Followers will stop listening to you. To this end, you should share 9 pieces of other people’s content for each piece of your organization’s content.”

A great feature of her article is that she highlights two additional major growth opportunities for marketers in addition to content curation: original videos and original audio content. These platforms currently make up a small 22% of the content marketing pie. Realizing the importance of these forms of social media content will help you differentiate yourself from the crowd.

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