Content Marketers, Let Industry Experts Make Your Case

For many content marketers,  publishing consistent, relevant content is their main priority. However, these marketers should also put a considerable amount of effort into interacting with third party experts and analysts. As Philip Paranicas points out, impressing these people could lead to a positive review from a respected voice in the industry. Once these reviews are generated, a content marketer should also ensure that the message is amplified:

It’s not enough to get a positive mention. You’ve got to harness it for best results. Paint it on the side of a building (a billboard will do)! More seriously: include it on your website and in emails to your customers and prospects, business proposals, newsletters, and more. Comment on it on social media. Like, share, and retweet it.”

Incorporating these outside perspectives about products or services will bring any company increased credibility and exposure. For more information about blending created content and outside voices, download our free eBook, How to Feed the Content Beast

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