Content Distribution Tactics Beyond Social and Email

It’s no secret that a content promotion and distribution strategy is integral to content’s success. For many, it’s also the greatest challenge.

Beyond obvious solutions like sharing on social media and sending emails to your lists, there are other actions you can take to amplify the reach of your content and improve your site’s traffic. 

Some useful options include:

  • Syndicate your content to other high traffic websites to increase the amount of people reading it.
  • Experiment with new formats. Videos, infographics, and slide decks are visually engaging ways to share your content. Try a variety of formats to determine what resonates with your audience most.
  • Offer rewards for referrals. This isn’t always the best option, as it can encourage people to share your content with an audience that isn’t necessarily your target, but in certain circumstances it can prove very beneficial.

Brian Lang at Web Developers Etc offers examples of companies that have been successful using giveaways to increase distribution and engagement:

Joshua Earl grew his email list to over 60k in just two weeks using giveaways. Bryan Harris from Video Fruit tried this strategy too and was able to generate 2,239 subscribers in just 10 days. You can even use giveaways to sell products. Greenbelly generated a list of 4,100 subscribers on a budget of just $75 by partnering with other known brands in their market to do a large giveaway.

For more ways to improve your content’s reach, check out Lang’s full article below.

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