Content Curation Wiki : In search of a Content Curation Definition

Recently while searching for posts about content curation, I noticed that Google suggest recommended “Content Curation Wiki” and “Content Curation Definition” as suggested queries, indicating that a significant volume of users are searching for these terms.

Content Curation Definition

I have been monitoring the content curation space for some time now and the emergence of these phrases as queries of significance demonstrates that people are hungry for a Content Curation Wikipedia page with a formal definition of the term.

This raises an important question:

Are we ready to formally create content curation definition?

We have put together a page with content curation definitions from industry thought leaders including Paul Gillin, Joe Pullizi (Junta42), Rohit Bhargava, David Meerman Scott, Brian Solis and Aaron Strout among others. 

Out of all the definitions, that I have come across online, my favorite definition for the role of a content curator is one by Rohit Bhargava:

A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online.

It’s succinct yet clearly defines the role of the content curator.   It covers what actions a curator performs: finding, grouping, organizing and sharing. It covers the object of the curator’s actions: the best and most relevant content. It covers when the curator should perform this: continually. And most importantly, it covers the scope: on a specific issue online.  Someone who misses on any one of these single actions is no longer an effective curator.