Content Curation: Quality over Quantity

It’s no secret that content curation is an effective and inexpensive way to produce high quality and diverse content, but how do you make sure you do it successfully? Christina Oswald from Propel Growth says there are three best practices to never forget. One best practice? Stop worrying about how much to curate and focus on the quality of the content instead. 

Building yourself up as a trusted source of information takes time and effort. But, as a content curator, an integral part of gaining this reputation will be filtering out the clutter and offering your readers only quality insights from highly-regarded news web sites and other relevant sources.”

Curating content from people like industry analysts can build your credibility and make you a more trusted source. Sharing articles that relate to your audience and talk about an issue or work to solve a problem are the ones that are going to deliver the most value. For more information on how to curate content effectively, check out our eBook, Content Marketing Done Right

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