Content Curation: Keep up With the Demand

With more and more marketers drifting away from traditional marketing methods, content marketing has become the go-to digital approach. Although creating original content is great for a multitude of reasons, it is very difficult for companies to keep up with the increasing demand. In order to solve this issue, many marketers have turned to content curation. Content curation allows marketers to customize and share already created content that relates to their industry. Studies show that 82% of marketers have already adopted this marketing technique. This article by Nina Kovner discusses four tips for a healthy marketing mix between content creation and curation. Kovner recommends the use of social media as a search tool for relatable content.

Use hashtags (Instagram) and search tools (Google, Pinterest) to curate content that your clients and future clients value and help you tell your story.”

If you are looking for ways to engage your audience and generate content consistently, take a look at this article. For further guidance regarding content curation and what it can do for your company, consider our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation

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