Content Curation is Now Crucial to Content Marketing

Curation should be considered an integral part of content marketing, crucial to supporting content strategy, content creation, and content promotion. And it’s increasingly easy, with content curation tools abounding to help do this. Riverside Marketing Strategies President Heidi Cohen has a great post about just how content curation has grown up, and how to best utilize content curation within a content marketing strategy. Cohen advises that:

Like content marketing, content curation requires a documented strategy to reach its maximum potential. It must be integrated into your documented editorial mission.

Further, content curation thrives on intelligent content. To effectively curate owned content, you must be able to identify related and relevant content.

Content curation should also provide both standalone content and add-ons to your new or updated content, and is crucial to social media promotion:

Even if you don’t integrate content curation into your content strategy, it’s critical to your social media strategy. Regardless of your owned versus third party content social media sharing ratio, you can’t shout ME, ME, ME. You must be part of the social media community.

Cohen concludes that sophisticated content curation does more than fulfill content needs–it connects you with influencers, partners, customers and social media fans. Highlighting these stakeholders’ content within your brand’s context cost-effectively extends your brand, reach and sales.

The whole article is a useful primer on integrating content curation with content marketing. Read it at the link below: 

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