Content Curation: How to Become Your Industry’s Thought Leader

We all want to be the leader in content marketing within our industry. Many companies attempt to do this by creating as much content as possible. However, content creation can be a time consuming and expensive task. This is why many marketers have turned to content curation in addition to creation. (Content Curation: The Biggest Benefits Infographic) In this piece, Sunil Saxena explains the five steps needed to become a thought leader with content curation. First step? Identify your niche.

This should be an area where you already have some expertise or where you are keen to acquire expertise through hard work and determination. While selecting the topic, you must ensure that it is of interest to a large number of web users.”

Don’t wait another day. Become the content leader in your industry by following the rest of these steps. Looking for a more in-depth guide? Download this eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation.

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