Content Curation: How to Become A Social Media Rock Star

Curating content has become the most powerful method of finding and sharing relevant content with an audience. Not only does it help to keep up with the demand, but it also gives marketers the opportunity to save great amounts of time and money. Although this will come to many as great news, it is crucial that marketers follow the correct process in order to take full advantage of these benefits. In this piece, Rebecca Coleman explains her experience with content curation and even suggests a few tools that may help to make your journey a whole lot easier. She suggests establishing a consistent frequency on Twitter.

As a general rule, I usually schedule about 5-7 tweets a day that are curated — in addition to the 2 tweets a day (minimum) that are leading people directly back to my blogs, and the conversations I’m having on Twitter as well. All together, I tweet about 17-20 times per day, depending on how active I am.”

Ready to start rocking? Make sure to follow the rest of these tips to get the most out of your curated content. Looking to take your curation strategy to the next level? Download our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation.

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