Content Curation: Faster Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Today’s content marketing world is all about how efficient and effective you can be with your content. In order to keep up with the demand, many companies have implemented curation into their strategy. Although content curation is an excellent way to save time and money, it can sometimes be misused. An example of this misuse is automating the content you share. Some see it as a quicker option, but it can ultimately take away from what consumers truly want; relevant, humanized content. In this piece, Deborah Sweeney warns marketers about this approach by sharing her experience. She explains that from a marketing standpoint, this method of curation is not the best idea.

Once you start just adding whatever sounds loosely related to your industry or area of expertise, your profiles lose focus. My wake-up call came after I added an article, without reading it, that advised people away from using companies like mine.” 

Make sure to keep in mind your audience and purpose when curating content. For further guidance, check out the rest of this article. If you are interested in learning the most ethical way to curate content, download our eBook, Content Marketing Done Right

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