Content Curation could solve the biggest challenge facing B2B marketers: Lead Generation

According to Marketing Sherpa, generating leads is the most significant challenge for B2B marketers.  Companies take many different approaches to generating leads.  Most use a mix of marketing programs, tradeshows, public relations, and increasingly, social media.  But regardless of the components of a B2B marketing program – and their success – the average B2B marketer can never generate enough leads.

Some companies have discovered that Content Curation plays a huge role in “feeding the beast” for lead generation.  In fact, one vice president of marketing in a B2B company used Content Curation to generate a volume of leads she equals to the equivalent of a $100,000 marketing spend. Chart of the Week

Maybe you have not yet discovered content curation.  If so, how are you generating leads?  What strategies and tactics deliver the best leads?  The most leads? 

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