Content Curation & Content Auditing: The Perfect Pair

Having to consistently come up with new and interesting content can be quite the challenge for content marketing teams. Luckily, created content is not the only option. The best-in-class marketers find that the ideal content marketing mix is 65% created content, 25% curated content and 10% syndicated content. Curating content can give your audience an alternative way to consume fresh, relevant content. Julia-Spence McCoy walks through seven benefits of content curation. One tip she suggests is to combine content curation with content auditing. 

Content auditing is the method by which you sort through previous posts of your blog and pull out the best performing content in order to add it to your curation listing. This gives new life to old content as well as developing your post as an authority on the topic.”

Combining curation and content auditing allow your blog to showcase fresh, third-party content while at the same time giving an update to content you’ve already written in the past. To learn more additional benefits of curation, be sure to check out Curata’s Ultimate Guide to Content Curation. 

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