Content Curation And Value: The Business Of Context

What is the real value of curated content? Does it live in the content itself or does it live in the context, in the curation of the content – the commentary, the opinion pieces, the conversations that the content itself generates?

Photo credit: Robin Good

In these two short video interviews I captured a year back, George Siemens and Gerd Leonhard, discuss and analyze on what is defining itself as the new “business of context” and about the true value of niche, theme, curated content, with one question in mind: can the content curation strategy approach generate true business value that can be monetized?

Here are some of the highlights:

People are willing to pay for value, for curated selections of meaningful content that not everyone has the skill or time to gather, filter and group in specific niches of interest.

If the content and information has been produced by the public purse, it needs to be shared with the public.

The part of content that you share for free is what builds up your reputation and credibility in front of the rest of the world.

People will buy your content and compensate your efforts, only if the content you have already shared for free is valuable enough to drive them into a purchase.

Context is increasingly becoming content. All additional elements like tags, metadata, geolocalization data that define the context of a piece of content are now part of the content themselves, because they make the content more usable.

The economy on the web has become a “link-economy”, where the context is as valuable as the content carried out by the link itself. A link shared on Facebook is more important than a link shared on your blog.

If you are still struggling to discover the real value of content curation, and are wondering whether curating news (newsmastering), or any other specific content can indeed provide extra value to your readers, while creating opportunities for new business, I invite to listen closely to what Gerd Leonhard and George Siemens have had to say on this.

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