Choosing the Right Content Solution

A new research report from the Altimeter Group (available late April/early May) reviews the content marketing software landscape to discover pain points, wants and needs of today’s content marketers. Rebecca Lieb writes on the methodology:

Surveys often reveal surprises, and this time is no exception. We broke content marketing solutions into a total of nine categories and asked content marketers two key questions: What types of content marketing software solutions do you most urgently need? What software solutions do you plan to invest in over the next 12 months?

Answers revealed that marketers are at a complete disconnect when it comes to content marketing solutions. Many are buying solutions that help them create content, but stress the need for solutions that help them find and target their ideal audience. This contributes to the idea that many content marketers are following the herd too closely. Seventy-one percent of organizations are increasing their content marketing spend this year, but few have an idea of where it will be allocated. 


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