Change Your Social Media Marketing for 2017

With the constant change in social media, it can be hard to keep your social media marketing strategies up to date. It often feels as though as soon as businesses are comfortable with basic social media marketing, new features, algorithms, and consumption preferences across platforms keep on impacting the way we market.

Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner has this to say about not being overwhelmed by the latest social media trends:

The secret is to embrace the change. After all, it is the rapid advancements and constant stream of innovations that have provided digital marketers with so much to work with in the first place.

Here are some things you can do to optimize your social media efforts:

  • Customize your use of major and niche social media sites.
  • Update your video strategy to incorporate interactivity
  • Focus on influencers
  • Be sensitive to changes in the effectiveness of your social media ads

Social media marketing isn’t going away. By incorporating it into a documented content marketing strategy, measuring its effectiveness, and then revising your approach based on the results, your efforts will stay relevant throughout 2017.

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