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Content Strategy: Is Social the Secret?

Most marketers who are producing content know they must promote it via social media. But,

Why Your Blog is Lacking Comments

There are numerous reasons why no one is commenting on your blog posts –

Crafting the Perfect Blog

Whether you’re new to blogging or not, it’s always beneficial to apply best practices

Building Effective Marketing Teams

When it comes to hiring marketers, what matters more – industry experience or skill

Curation in the Content Marketing Mix

Today, best-in-class marketers are only creating 65 percent of content, and curating 25 percent.

Is Your Content Truly Original?

Coming up with unique created content can be difficult for marketers – and the

Content Optimization Tactics

With the amount of online content being published every day, it’s incredibly important to

The SEO Dictionary

New to the digital marketing industry, or just haven’t been able to keep up

Content Strategy Basics

A good content marketing strategy encompasses the planning, creation, promotion and measurement of content.

Creating a Professional Logo

Oftentimes, brands with an online presence think they need a fancy (and expensive) logo