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Curation Panel at SMX Advanced 2013

Dana Lookado publishes notes from the panel on content curation at SMX Advanced 2013: Getting

9 Amazing Content Curation Resources

Heidi Cohen writes about 9 amazing content curation resources and challenges facing marketers: While

Which is better: Social Media Curation or Social Media Creation?

Matthew Peneycad on Social Media Today lists a set of pro’s and con’s of

Donna Papacosta’s IABC Presentation on Content Curation

A solid 27 minute presentation by Donna Papacosta from the International Association of Business

Online Communities Benefit from Curated Content

Post discussing how curation can effect online communities and how important it is to

Content Marketing: Make it Work – Your content marketing questions answered.

Last Wednesday, we held a joint webinar with Percussion Software called Content Marketing: Make

Curation is More than Integrating Conversations

Ryan Segal of Gyro writes in Forbes about how curation is becoming over-used and

Content Curation AH HA! Moment

One man’s funny epiphany on why content curation is here to say, why it

Part 2 – Content Curation for B2B Marketing: Take a Cue from the World of Wine

Content curation and wine – what could be better? Good curation comes in two

How To Feed The Content Beast

Though the beast can be a back-breaker, if we get to know it we