Can Marketers Be Publishers?

Can marketers also be publishers? Many in the industry would argue that marketers already are.

In the 1920s, marketers became radio producers with commercial broadcasting. They became television producers with the first TV commercials of the 1940s. With the popularity of blogs, online articles, social media platforms, mobile web and all the possibilities that the internet and Web 2.0 have to offer, today’s marketers are publishers.

Online content marketing is the most cost-effective method for reaching targeted audiences. It isn’t enough simply to have voice. Content marketing is becoming increasingly competitive and savvy marketers know to look for ways to evolve their messages and connect with their audiences.

Marketers must understand and utilize content marketing and the new technologies that are driving change in audience behavior. This includes an understanding of:

  • data analytics
  • creative work
  • positive consumer experience

So when marketers flip the switch from using their intuition to using statistical data and online content to drive more sales, how should they approach it?

Publish a message that speaks to your audience.
Marketers must keep in mind that the content they create needs to align with the needs and interests of a target consumer. For example, a publication geared towards CFOs wouldn’t publish an article on ‘Accounting 101’. Consumers find and return to content that addresses their needs in a useful AND meaningful way. Expressing why your message is relevant and important can help the consumer to connect with your brand. This can be quantified to a degree using analytic programs that track how often a message has been read by consumers.

Publish copy that evokes emotion.
People don’t take action because it’s a “good idea,” often other emotional motivators like admiration or nostalgia can move a consumer to action. Be careful not to evoke the wrong emotions, though. Talking down to an audience can turn them off just as quickly as begging for attention. Content marketers that approach their target market in a natural way experience the most success.

Publish to get a response.
Successful online content marketing enhances desire and persuades its audience to take action. Creating desire is different from creating a convincing argument. Just because a consumer is convinced a product is “new,” “improved” or “rated #1” doesn’t mean they have the desire to benefit from what that brand has to offer. Copy that hooks readers and encourages sales explains to its readers how a product’s features can solve their problems and improve their lives.

Modern marketers are becoming online content publishers, using words to relay their brand’s message, evoke emotions and get a response from consumers. Marketers have been publishers, since the first advertising agency started placing newspaper and magazine ads in 1843. So let’s forget for the moment ‘can marketers be publishers?’ and focus on the bigger question:How are you, as a marketer, utilizing today’s technology to your advantage?

We want to hear your thoughts. What else should a marketer consider when they flip the switch to being a publisher?