Calculate Influencer Marketing ROI

Influencer marketing has quickly become a trend in the marketing sphere. Unfortunately, this tactic is largely underused in the B2B marketing subset. Only 11 percent of B2B companies are running ongoing influencer marketing programs, compared to 48 percent of B2C companies. This isn’t surprising, “influencers” aren’t nearly as self evident in the B2B marketing space.

TopRank Blog Contributor Alexis Hall explains how Lee Odden is urging us to rethink influencer marketing:

What if we think about influence more holistically. Lee points that you don’t have to be a Kardashian to be influential. From singing the praises of the battery life on your new iPhone8 or telling your coworker about the new software you’re testing in your department, we’re all influencing each other.

Here are other ways you can improve or track your influencer marketing ROI:

  • Collect quotes: Use influencer quotes in multiple pieces of content. Repurpose their quotes by using them on social media, sprinkle them in blog posts, or do an influencer advice roundup and gate it to generate more leads.
  • Create relationships: Make sure you’re “paying it forward” in the influencer marketing sphere. If you’re not helping create value for influencers, it’s unlikely they’ll want to help you.

For more on how to prove your influencer marketing is generating ROI, check out Alexis Hall’s complete post below.

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