Buyer’s Journey Myths Unmasked

Marketers are constantly adjusting their strategies around the buyer’s journey and what we believe to be true about how our customers interact with us – but to what extent are the rumors surrounding the buyer’s journey true? Lori Wizdo of Forrester took on buyer’s journey myths during a recent event in Boston. Myth #1: the funnel is dead.

Lori was quick to point out that contrary to what some folks say, the funnel is not dead. “Marketing has significantly improved their nurturing process, with 22% more campaigns launched than in the past, four or more touches of leads within the nurturing cycle, and execution of lead scoring. There is more early funnel activity, and greater impact by marketing on the sales funnel; however, we are not where we need to be.”

She goes on to discuss buyer personas, gathering leads and the impact of sales reps in the buying process. Interested in gaining more insight into the buyer’s journey? Check out the full article. 

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