Business Blogging Is Easy?

Business blogging is easy.  That’s why
every company employs a full-time blogging staff that writes content so
compelling it instantly transforms each visitor into a long-term client.

We know, wholeheartedly, that no part of the
first paragraph is true.  Business blogging is a hard journey that we covered
most recently in our webinar the ABC’s of Corporate Blogging and
whitepaper Business Blogging:  As Easy As A, B, C?

In both, we spend a fair amount of time
sharing how we can make corporate blogging efforts relatively easier by
starting with the ABCs. 

We are pleased to present the ABCs of
business blogging below:

A.    Ask
start a blog? 
Before launching a blog, begin by listing out the goals you hope to achieve.
Ensure each concept you create ties back to one of these goals.


Blog regularly – engaged audiences like to
know when the next post is coming

Be concise – are you an adept scanner? Your
readers probably will be, too

Build traffic – optimize your post for
keywords used by your target audience

Boast value – the one rule in blogging is
that you have to have something to say

C.    Content

can be broken apart into:

Content marketing – ‘sharing information as a
means of conversion.’ 

Content creation – developing original or
sourced material

– finding, grouping, organizing and sharing content that
provides value

Think of
each bullet above as most predominantly supporting the bullet directly above it
(ie content marketing is most predominantly supported by content creation.)

Content curation is the long-awaited step
that predominantly supports content creation.  In less than twenty minutes
each day, content curation can repurpose material from several different
sources, transforming it into original blog posts for your readers.  Done
right, this can double your blog output and is as close as possible to a
solution that makes blogging easy.

So are you ready to learn more or are you
ready to get started?

more information, download the webinar ABC’s of Corporate Blogging or
read ‘Business Blogging:  As Easy As A, B, C?‘ by visiting our
Content Marketing Resources page.  To get
started, watch an online demo of content curation solution Curata.