Boost Your Content Strategy with Buyer Personas

According to our research on business blogging, the top driver of blog content strategy is personas. Buyer personas are representations of your ideal customer and having these buyer personas as part of your content marketing strategy helps create targeted content. Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures states how this content should speak to each stage of the buyer’s journey. Kuenn walks through the three most important stages and what type of content should be offered to the personas at these respective stages. The first stage? Awareness. 

The buyer knows he or she has a problem that needs to be solved and searches for content that confirms that need and your business’ ability to fix it. Awareness-stage content also typically includes thought-leadership and third-party content that aligns a brand’s message with experts in the industry, though is often vendor neutral.”

There is no doubt that persona-based content marketing is being initiated throughout many companies. This type of marketing has the ability to influence your buyers by addressing their pain points and speaking to their wants and needs throughout their journey. Read the rest of Kuenn’s article to learn the other two important stages of the buyer’s journey and to find out more about supplying your audience with the right content, check out our eBook, Business Blogging Secrets Revealed

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