Boost Organic Traffic with 4 Types of Blog Posts

The best business bloggers post content more frequently and use longer form content than the average blogger. [see results of a the study Business Blogging Secrets Revealed] However, what types of posts do these “best” bloggers actually create? Rick Riddle on the Spin Sucks blog wrote about 4 types of posts that can boost organic traffic:

  • Posts containing thought leadership.
  • Organic traffic through infographics.
  • List posts.
  • Reviews.

Each of these has a sweet spot in contributing to your marketing strategy.  For example, thought leadership posts offer an opportunity to provide unique insights to your audience that can help differentiate your products and company. (e.g., Emergence of the Content Marketing Platform)  Another example is infographics which are a fun and creative way to visually enhance your content marketing. Curata combined the power of a list post and infographics with an infographic of infographics: Content Marketing Infographics: The Ultimate List.

Check out Rick’s full description of each type of blog post on the Spin Sucks blog. (link below)

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