Beyond Page Views: Generate Quality Leads with Your Blog

A recent Curata survey found that a high priority of business bloggers is measuring the impact of their blog on the organization’s success. Part of this overall measurement is analyzing the number of leads generated from each individual piece of content. Brian Honigman offers advice on ways to generate quality leads from your blog posts. One tip? Drive leads from past blog posts. 

When composing a post, include links to other relevant articles throughout to drive additional traffic. By including these links, it’s possible to increase a visitor’s time on site, the number of pages they view, and the likelihood that they’ll download a premium resource or sign up for your email list. Encouraging more interactions should increase the amount of leads your blog consistently generates.”

Honigman’s article walks through four other ways to generate high quality leads from your blog content. By implementing these five practices, you will be on your way to converting your readers into leads that you can engage with further down the funnel. For more tips on blogging best practices, read our most recent eBook, Business Blogging Secrets Revealed

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