Become a Thought Leader with Content Curation

This may come as news to some, but producing enough content is not the single biggest problem facing marketers today. There’s more like too much. A Curata study shows 75% of companies are increasing their investment in content marketing in the coming year. Trying to stand out amongst all this content is easily as great a challenge as producing enough content in the first place. 

There are two possible ways to stand out. One is providing the best content everyone wants to read every single time—possible but unlikely, even for the best resourced organizations. The other is becoming a thought leader in your space. Aaron Orendorff explores why and how to do this in his blog post, “How Content Curation Can Position Your Entire Organization as Thought Leaders”:

On the B2B front alone, 88% of marketers used content marketing in 2015 and 76% plan to create even more content in 2016. As your audience faces this sea of information, what they’re looking for isn’t more. Instead, they’re looking for trusted and knowledgeable guides who can navigate them through the stormy, unorganized mess. In other words, to stand out as genuine thought leaders, your primary focus shouldn’t be to add content… it should be to curate content.

This is an incredible point to make. By curating, you show your audience which articles gave you insight and are worth taking the time to read. The rest of Aaron’s post below covers how to organize all of your organization as thought leaders. And whether you’re a beginner curator or an expert, Curata’s Ultimate Guide to Content Curation can help. 

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