Be on the Lookout for These Content Marketing Trends

One of the most essential factors for beating the competition is staying on top of the latest trends. As content marketers continue to plan for the arrival of the new year, it is crucial to take into account new discoveries and how they will play out in the industry. Ultimately, those who are able to adapt and strategize around these trends will thrive in the upcoming year. In this article, Niall O’Loughlin discusses the top rising trends and how companies can take advantage of them. One trend to be on the look out for is the rise of long form content

This advance means users no longer have to click on websites to get the answers to certain queries. This is bad news for SME websites which may now lose a substantial amount of traffic for particular keywords. The solution is to focus on creating detailed answers to complex topics.”

Don’t get left behind! Check out the rest of these trends to make sure you are up to date. In order to prepare your strategy for the upcoming year, download our eBook, The Content Marketing Pyramid.

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