B2B search engine marketing strategies optimized in 2 Ways with Content Curation

At HiveFire, we missed an opportunity to participate in the first B2B Search Strategy Summit, held on June 23, in San Francisco.  Unfortunately, we were ourselves preparing for our Curata launch at Digital Marketing Days in New York.

However, I found 3 big take-aways, recorded by Search Engine Watch, from the afternoon keynote “The Future of B2B Search Marketing” by Jay Middleton, Senior Manager, Worldwide Search Marketing, at Adobe.  I spent some time studying his conclusions and thought I would share here and how Content Curation can help improve these approaches to optimize B2B Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies.

Use keywords to seed and inform all Marketing/Sales/Social Media activities

Leading B2B Search Marketing executives leverage highly relevant industry keywords into all marketing, sales and social media channels.  Successful use of relevant keywords ensures search engine visibility and rank as an authority around the issues and topics, key to customers.  Quality content curation allows the marketing executive to continuously identify, extract and organize the numerous keywords that make up the long tail of an industry’s social media conversations.  Without Content curation, this process can be extremely time consuming and repetitive.  However, marketers can automate the keyword identification and extraction process as much as possible with effective curating.

Integrate SEM early and consistently in campaign planning and execution 

Marketing executives, who integrate SEM early and consistently into an integral part of marketing communications and sales engagement, can achieve an edge over non-integrated and inconsistent, content marketing competitors.  While some B2B marketers still separate traditional marketing campaigns from social media campaign, many marketers are now effectively integrating Search Engine strategies into all corporate communications.  Content curation, when done effectively, should deliver consistent content, that is Search Engine optimized, across all media channels.  Curating relevant content also means that marketers can increase campaign frequency with supporting, 3rd party content, relevant to their prospects.

Content Curation can optimize search engine marketing for those content marketers that understand the positive implications of comprehensive keyword mining and integrated, frequent, campaign execution.  To learn more about how Content Curation works, will you download our free eBook?