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John Paton of #impreMedia on newspapers’ future: Collect and Curate | via the BuzzMachine

The second decsion was we would let the outside world in. We would share

Curate content to build value – Digital Ingredients

I love everything about digital communication, marketing and branding, with a particular focus on

Real-Time Opportunities for Marketers

It’s possible real-time curation might facilitate marketers striking the balance of providing utility, while

#Curating online resources « Jurn blog: Brands will sponsor #curation of highly relevant sites of information

“… whatever time remains up for grabs [ after we finish Googling and Facebooking

Digital Curation Is a Key Service in Attention-Strapped Economy

This means that whatever time remains up for grabs will likely to flow to

Curating the Web

… products will require a full-time content curator. A related term is CGM: Consumer-Generated

The Hollywood Reporter Taps Meebo to Increase Traffic | Soa World …

Seth Sternberg, founder and CEO of Meebo, Alex Boyce, Online Director with Nielsen Business

Are we TraCCs? which uses this image from Flickr- it is by L.Marie from available

What’s a Content Curator? | David Lee King

Rohit Bhargava, blogger at the Influential Marketing Blog and author of Personality Not Included: