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The age old acronym “R&R”

We all need Rest and Relaxation: It’s why we work hard; it’s our free

PR and Social Media: Across the Blogosphere

I am an avid blog reader and definitely consider myself a “content curator”; Here’s

The role of the content curator « Brian Heys

Content curators gather, organise, and distribute high-quality, relevant information in specific niche areas of

Web Aggregation Needs To Get Smarter

Today, after starting three successful companies — Gartner, Soundview, and Giga Research — Gartner

Apple Tablet Will Reinvent Magazines, Says ‘Fast Company’ Cofounder

I reached out to speak to him about the evolution from content creation to

To create or curate? That is the Apple question

We can talk about the transition from Microsoft to Google, and I want to

Content Curation: Why Is The Content Curator The Key Emerging …

The closest comparative role may be contained within the rising Library 2.0 movement (one

What is User Generated Content? | Online Journalism Blog

A really good point – thanks; will try to add it in (and add

Google can’t do it all: a call for content curators

I have been reading quite a bit of late about the concept of content

John Paton on newspapers’ future | Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine, 11/1/10

More than two-thirds of any newspaper company’s expenses are in support of the core