Artificial Intelligence: Friend, Not Foe

After decades of digital platforms indexing data across industries, artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to use this data to improve insights and efficiency for businesses. AI is already leveraged in day-to-day consumer uses such as navigation tools and newsfeeds. Now businesses are increasingly tapping into AI’s full potential.

Suhash Talwar of Atomic Reach explains the impact of artificial intelligence on content marketing:

According to Gartner’s predictions, 20 percent of all business content will be machine-generated by 2018. By analyzing the search history and emails of customers and prospects, AI-driven content writing software can generate newsletters and other relevant content for companies, thereby saving a lot of time. 

Marketers can expect to see mundane creation tasks eliminated or mitigated. By understanding consumption trends, AI allows marketers to hone in on audience interests with laser focus. This is a powerful tool in the battle against writers creating for the sake of creation, which often results in content that is uninteresting to the audience and unsuccessful for its creator.

Marketers that take pride in their creative intuition shouldn’t be too concerned. AI merely creates another tool for producing, and intelligently promoting content their audience will love. 

Check our Talwar’s original article below to learn about the impact AI is having across the globe.


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