Are You Underusing Video in Your Content Marketing Mix?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many more is a video worth? About 1.8 million words for a one minute video, according to James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

Scott Abel of The Content Wrangler lays out the case for video for B2B marketers, noting that 75 percent of executives surveyed by Forbes say they watch work-related video online at least once a week. And 65% of executives surveyed by Forbes say that after watching an interesting video, they visit the website of the company that provided it. Abel says:

It’s clear that video content is some of the most sought-after content on the web. What’s not clear is whether marketers and technical communication professionals understand that it’s their job to align their content strategy—and the content deliverables they produce—with the wants and needs of the prospects they hope to court and the customers they want to retain. In order to win in the new digital economy, video product and service content must become part of the content marketing mix.

Let’s say you realize you need to up your video content game, but aren’t sure which video platforms to target. YouTube is the obvious one, but there’s several other—potentially better options to consider when planning your video marketing strategy. For more on how video turns prospects into customers, check out Scott’s full post below.

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