Are You Part of The Content Marketing Echo Chamber?

One of the biggest challengers for content marketing is the simple act of publishing enough content. Because of this, content marketers have a habit of falling back on what they know, and in the process, have busily created a cottage industry of meta-content marketing: content marketers writing about content marketing so that other content marketers can read it.

Patrick Armitage at BlogMutt recounts his realization that he had fallen into a trap of self-promoting simply because everyone else in the content marketing space was doing it.

We spent precious marketing dollars paying an outside agency to help promote BlogMutt’s brand and our CEO through guest posting and speaking opportunities.

I can only speak from my experience at BlogMutt. But I think our experience is symptomatic of a larger problem in the content marketing world: the need to be vetted, accepted and acknowledged by our content marketing peers instead of our customers.

But Armitage admits, the truth is many customers don’t read these sites. Which means many content marketing experts are telling people who already know about content marketing about… content marketing.

If your customers are small business owners, entrepreneurs, or someone in the creative department of an agency up against a deadline, Armitage asks: are your priorities aligned with the priorities of your customers? (The best way to find out is by using analytics to determine your metrics, as explained in The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics and Metrics.) Read on for Armitage’s insightful post on the problems with content marketing’s echo chamber.

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