Are Newsletters Good for a Content Marketing Strategy?

Fake news, the ease at which unsubstantiated stories can spread on social media, and the generally low barriers to entry for any yahoo to create and publish content on the Internet has many struggling to find trusted news sources.

As a result, people are finding that email newsletters are a quick and simple way to get the information they need.

Keith Sibson, VP of Revenue at Sparefoot, advises that:

The email newsletters publishers have long relied on to boost engagement and ROI are now being recognized as a means to hold onto these new subscribers. Though derided and routinely declared dead, email remains a favorite of audiences and publishers alike simply by playing to its strengths: delivering easily-digestible content that increases traffic.

Here are four important characteristics of major newsletters to adopt at your organization:

  • Make important content easy to discover for your audience
  • Add in curated articles and contextual narrative to provide additional perspective for your audience
  • Use articles that are tangentially related to your audience’s interests. Exposing people to new content they wouldn’t otherwise find is attention grabbing
  • Create newsletters that are short and simply laid out, making them easy to digest and finish 

For more on making newsletters a trusted source for news, read Sibson’s full article below.

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