Another Internet Week Comes To An End!

As the third year of New York’s Internet Week comes to a close, there’s no doubt that the Alley vs. the Valley competition is increasingly evenly matched.  The quality of the conversations, the number of participants, the abundance of swag, and the amount of free liquor all point toward a thriving internet economy in NYC.This year, played a crucial part in the week long festival, as we were chosen to power the official Internet Week online video site.  Check out to see all the different shenanigans from different events and parties.A couple of the highlights were the following:Internet Week kick off event

Our intern, Samantha Kirschberg, said it best when describing the booths at the Internet Week Headquarters:
Taking a walk around the IWNY Headquarters you could see people using a realistic spray can to draw graffiti on a digital screen, Corbis taking black and white polaroids of attendees, Maker Bot Industries showing off their machine that made plastic bottle openers in front of your eyes, all among several other companies discussing what they do and giving away freebies(which no one can deny) party

Photo courtesy of Matt
Tech MeetUp Ryan Lawler interviews Steve Rosenbaum on “Content Creation vs. Content Curation” And lastely, The Webby Awards, where the Magnify street crew was out in full force handing out SWAG.  Magnus even made a couple of appearances throughout the week.
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