An easy tip to be the #1 industry resource for your customers

What company, brand, website, or information resource do your customers trust above all others to provide comprehensive insights?

Many companies are at a disadvantage when asked.  Usually, the answer will be an analyst, an industry association, tradepublication, or a news website.

Companies, who serve as a key industry resource throughout their customers’buying process, have a competitive edge.  Here’s a quick tip to get that edge.

  • Identify the critical “issue or pain” that your most profitable customersconsider the issue that your company and your product address.  The more narrow the issue, the easier it is to collect this information and take ownership of that issue.  Don’t be vague. Don’t be general. Be very specific about the issue.  If the issue is truly critical to your customers, there will be many important conversations around the issue.

Your customers want a trusted resource that can identify all the questions around a very specific issue.  However, most online resources cover a broad range of issues that require search and discovery, which eatup valuable time.  Make it easy for your customers to go to a single location to find all the information around that one key issue .  By doing so, you will be the resource for your customers and gain an an edge over your competitors .

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