Amplify Engagement with Influencer Marketing

Marketers are beginning to realize that their content marketing strategies can be further amplified by taking advantage of influencer marketing. The concept illustrates the idea of marketing to a certain group of individuals who impact your buyers’ decisions. Brian Anderson from DemandGen and Lee Odden from TopRank state that to begin an influencer marketing campaign, there are three steps you must take:

  • Identify the influencers that show the most potential towards meeting your company’s goals;
  • Qualify each influencer based off their audience, content and social activity; and
  • Recruit influencers with highly personalized incentives.”

Selecting the right influencers isn’t an easy process, and marketers must analyze several variables about the individual before they make any final decisions. However, once selected, these influencers can help move buyers down the funnel, creating a transaction, but more importantly, a relationship. 

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