Agile Marketing: Just Another Buzzword?

Is agile marketing just another marketing buzzword, or do those adopting the philosophy know something the rest of us don’t?

Agile marketing is merely a measure of how efficient your organization is at achieving your marketing goals, says Sajeel Qureshi. It derives from ‘Agile Development;’ a term used by software developers to describe the process of fixing or ‘enhancing’ apps quickly after their real-world users complain about something.

Agile marketing teams provide a lot of strategy and (theoretically) results to their stakeholders. They are really good at coming up with big ideas and then explaining the opportunity behind those ideas to the people that need to hear them. An agile marketer may corner the CEO of a chain of steakhouses and explain to them, using real data, the opportunity behind adding more vegan-friendly items to the menu or why a marketing campaign aimed at soccer moms may be a good thing. 

Being agile means being able to change big ideas on the fly by using back-end support teams rather than hiring in house, staying nimble so you can make adjustments quickly. Central to the concept is having the right strategy from the start, as the Content Marketing Pyramid demonstrates.

Qureshi goes into more detail about just how agile marketing works—and why it’s effective, in the full article below.

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