Advice from the World’s Best Marketers

John Hall writes about his takeaways from marketing thought leaders at last week’s CMO Club Summit in NYC in this Forbes article. One of the most intriguing reminders he received was that brands these days are facing many pain points when it comes to content marketing. These challenges include creating, promoting and leveraging their content. John suggests you ask yourself the following questions before publishing content too quickly.

Why am I releasing content? What type of content is most valuable to our audience? What differentiates our brand from others?  What are we going to do with this content to help accomplish our goals?

Although these seem elementary, it’s crucial to establish a content marketing framework to support your goals, as well as your reader’s goals. Create your content workflow and establish a team before jumping too quickly into developing content that may not resonate with your audience. Be sure to read the full article for more expert advice from last week’s event. 

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