Advice for Journalists Considering Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be the focus for a number of marketing teams when it comes to expanding and growing. A recent Curata study shows 75% of businesses are looking to increase their content marketing investment this year. The study also found 41% of marketers say the ability to create content is their single biggest challenge—great news for a journalist looking for a change of scenery, a new experience, or just a more stable paycheck.

However, just how easy or hard is it for a journalist to get into content marketing? Jennifer Goforth Gregory has some insightful advice for those looking to get into the space. In her blog post “7 Things Journalists Need to Know When Adding Content Marketing Writing to Their Services”, Jennifer says journalists need to be aware that:

  • Content marketing is not dramatically different from what you have been doing for years
  • You must identify a niche and sell yourself as an expert in this niche
  • You have to write in the brand voice

Amongst other helpful tips to get a journalist started in content marketing writing. This post on Why ContentMarketers Need Journalists offers further insight into what content marketers are looking for, while the rest of Jennifer’s piece below will help any writer get a start in content marketing.

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