Content Curation Marketing (CCM) by Curata is the online destination for all things curation. Providing useful information and relevant news on the curation industry, Content Curation Marketing is the go-to resource for anyone seeking information on curation.

CCM accepts editorial content. Please follow the guidelines below before submitting.

If you’d like us to curate your content to be featured:

  • All curated content must be editorialized. Please provide any notes or annotations you’d like included. The final snippet is up to CCM’s discretion.
  • Every article curated must have a thumbnail. Please provide one when submitting your content.
  • No reposts of content already curated.
  • All content should be in at least 1 category. Please provide a recommendation based on the current CCM categories.

If you’d like to submit original content (guest post):

  • All content must be submitted with an image.
  • Please provide a bio and headshot for your author.
  • Before submitting, please reach out to Mitchell Hall, mitchell (at) curata (dot) com for more information.
  • Jessie’s e-mail address no longer seems valid, who could I contact regarding marketing interviews please? Thanks 🙂