ABM or Artificial Intelligence? Here’s What You Should Focus On In 2017

ABM was the marketing buzzword in 2016. According to Sirius Decisions, more than 70% of companies were focused on ABM programs. Those that executed saw a 171% lift in their average annual contact value when using ABM strategies. 

While ABM continues to be an important marketing strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over as the marketing trend for 2017.

Peter Isaacson, CMO for DemandBase, predicts AI won’t replace ABM as a key focus for marketers but rather, will enhance it. 

As AI continues to advance, we can expect to see the recommendation engines used by companies like Netflix and Amazon develop specifically for the B2B market. This will start to pave the way for a B2B business concierge—a completely automated and customized buyer’s journey throughout the funnel that is driven by AI.

With supporting AI-driven technology like the B2B business concierge, in 2017, marketers will be armed with even stronger ABM solutions to move the needle and drive revenue like never before.

Artificial Intelligence will also allow for improved personalization capabilities for ABM tactics that might otherwise have been slow and manual. AI will allow marketers to understand pain points, goals, and more about potential customers and engage in custom, one on one conversations with a brand.

AI will also give access to more data around the success of ABM and integrate it with overall marketing metrics. This view of marketing programs will help marketers strategize for better results.

Read more from Peter Isaacson about AI’s impact on marketing below.

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