A View into Content Marketing in 2014: Q&A with Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner does a great job of answering 9 key questions on content marketing in this blog post. One area in particular that he addresses is ” What are the most common mistakes brands make with content marketing?”. In short his answer is:

The biggest mistake brands make is in creating too much content that is focused on the brand and not enough content that is focused on helping the audience.”

I certainly agree with Michael’s statement with respect to the fact that marketers do need to ensure that their content is laser focused on the audience and not the vendor’s brand. Taking this a step further, the next level of evolution for content marketing will be marketers’ use of curated content to complement their own created content. (refer to “STOP Egocentric Marketing”) Not only will this reduce some of the content creation pressures on marketers, but more importantly, it will bring their audience additional insight and perspective to better engage them.  Michael not only supports this direction, but he even takes it a step further by curating content externally and internally to provide to their sales teams – i.e., sales enablement.

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